Ceramic anchor

Ceramic anchors are made from mullite corundum thixotropic (low cement) concrete. They are used for anchoring in multi-layer refractory structures. They are used for fixing monolithic lining of walls, as well as vaulted / ceiling structures operating at temperatures up to 1600°C.


Anchoring products are produced by vibration casting from low-cement (thixotropic) masses. The absence of clay components and low-melting impurities in the charge guarantees high performance properties of products. Products of complex shapes are made with minimal dimensional deviations. The shape and dimensions of products - can be made according to customer's drawings.



Mullite corundum

Mass fraction Al2O3

81,20 %

Mass fraction Fe2O3

0,72 %

Mass fraction СаО

1,11 %

Open porosity (burning 1300°С)

18,17 %

Compressive strength (firing 1300 ° C)

58,63 MPa

Residual change in linear dimensions at a temperature of 1500 ° C

0,8 %

Operating temp:

 up to1600°С


High operating temperature; easy installation; convenient and simple connection; the possibility of using in narrow chambers of ovens; fixing hard and soft thermal insulation; fastening the lining; high temperature resistance


Working lining of industrial furnaces; heating furnaces for the metallurgical industry; petrochemical industry; energy; ceramic / cement industry