High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, resistance to thermal shock, low specific gravity, resistance to vibration and deformation, has good chemical resistance, low heat capacity, good electrical and sound insulation properties.


The fibers are fire and explosion-proof, do not contain asbestos, and are chemically inert; increased thermal insulation properties can significantly reduce the heat loss of heating installations; withstand up to 2000 heating-cooling cycles.



Mullite silica

Application temperature:

up to 1250°C


350 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity at 600°С:

0.19 W/mK

Loss on ignition:

not > 2%


thermal insulation of thermal equipment;
insulation of electric ovens;
insulation of thermal and heating furnaces;
insulation of air heaters, gas ducts;
insulation of buckets, mixers;
insulating pads, inserts, screens;
insulation of steam boilers, waste heat boilers.