Well-Shell this seria of specialized heat-resistant coatings improves the properties of fiber linings due to their mechanical strengthening and protection from chemical and erosion factors. Offered ready-made


The WELL-Shell coating can be used as an additional protective layer of a lining made of fibrous modular blocks, if there is an increased gas flow rate in a furnace or a heating unit, as well as the presence of an abrasive factor (presence of dust particles, scale). They are used to protect new linings of the working layer, as well as during their repair. These coatings, among other things, can be applied to masonry to restore deep or superficial cracks



Well-Shell 1300

Well-Shell 1600

Well-Shell 1800

Working temp, °C:




Apparent density, kg/m3:    




For delivery, кг:

10; 20; 25   


Working lining of industrial furnaces; heating furnaces for the metallurgical industry; petrochemical industry; energy; ceramic industry