WELL-board 1000

Lightweight calcium silicate insulation board. Due to their high resistance to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, WELL-board 1000 boards can be used in furnaces with a reducing atmosphere. They do not decompose after 200 hours of exposure to CO at 450 ° C.


Their low resistance to thermal shock precludes their use as a working layer of the lining, however, they work perfectly as a back layer under concrete or refractory lining. WELL-board 1000 is available in plates, pipe caps and fittings according to individual requirements. A version with one side impregnation or aluminum coating is also available.


Тype: Calcium-silicate
Application temperature: up to 1000 ° С
Density: 225 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity at 650 ± 25 ° С 0.12 W/mK
Compressive strength at 1200 ° C 2.6 N/mm2

thermal insulation of thermal equipment;

insulation of electric ovens;

insulation of thermal and heating furnaces, pipelines;

insulating layers of air heaters, gas ducts;

insulation of ladles, mixers, thermal boxes of all types;

insulating pads, inserts, screens;

insulation of boilers, waste heat boilers, doors, dampers;

transport engineering, shipbuilding;