WELL-Vermiculite M

Plates based on vermiculite and inorganic binders. The material does not contain asbestos and organic substances. Vermiculite insulation boards can work in direct contact with a flame and are resistant to sudden changes in temperature.


When designing brickwork using VELL-Vermiculite M materials, the maximum operating temperature and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the panels must be taken into account.




Application temperature:

up to 1100°C


600 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity at 650±25°С

0.20 W/mK

Compressive strength at 1200°C

4.3 N/mm2


thermal insulation of thermal equipment;
insulation of electric ovens;
insulation of thermal and heating furnaces, pipelines;
insulating layers of air heaters, gas ducts;
insulation of ladles, mixers, thermal boxes of all types;
insulating pads, inserts, screens;
insulation of boilers, waste heat boilers, doors, dampers;
transport engineering, shipbuilding;